HUFT YIMT Real Chicken Dog Biscuits


Gluten Free

Size- 300 g


Pet biscuits are treats designed specifically for pets, usually dogs and cats, and are made with ingredients that are safe and healthy for them to consume. These biscuits come in a variety of flavors, textures, and shapes and can be used as a reward for good behavior, as a training tool, or simply as a tasty snack.

Pet biscuits are made from a combination of ingredients such as wheat flour, cornmeal, oats, and various other grains, along with animal-based protein sources like chicken, beef, and fish. Vegetables such as sweet potatoes and carrots are often added for additional nutrients and flavor.

Pet biscuits are also formulated to address specific health concerns such as joint mobility or dental health. For example, biscuits with glucosamine and chondroitin are believed to support joint health, while biscuits with abrasive textures can help to clean teeth and freshen breath.


Regenerate response


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